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Order of the Day

Order of the Day:
Andrew Lamarche - Drums; Dan Tassé - Bass;
Ian Shackleton - Vocals; Tom Pambrun - Guitar

Gaining perspective once events have occurred... Hindsight. An intriguing song title, and a driving concept behind new heavy rock band Order of the Day. "The idea is to take what you've experienced, good and bad, and use this knowledge to better yourself, your music, and improve your future," explains singer Ian Shackleton. The result of this effort is the newest band to become part of Canada's vast musical landscape. Order of the Day blends pounding beats and rock guitar with soaring melodies, resulting in the remarkable debut EP, Truth Be Told.

Order of the Day's members have all had notable experience in different musical outfits. Their history spans a wide range including participating in Lollapalooza and the Vans Warped Tour, appearing in videos on Muchmusic and MTV, music featured on radio across Canada, the US, and Europe, and album sales around the globe. Yet they feel that Order of the Day is the project they've been waiting for. "There's a synergy, a vibe in the room when we play," explains Shackleton. "From our very first writing session, there's been an energy and excitement that occurs when musicians really lock into each other. It's an amazing thing to be a part of." The songs that came out of it reflect that energy: pulsing, hard-edged rock that explores melody, harmony and rhythm.

The result of a studio-writing experiment, the undeniable chemistry ultimately led to the commitment to a band. What makes Order of the Day so unique is their ability to blend their own favourite musical styles and characteristics into refined, intricate, yet accessible music. "There are no limitations, no egos or showboating," explains guitarist Tom Pambrun. "We just let the songs and the writing carry themselves."

Lyrically, the songs express proverbial, relatable emotion, in a way that lets the listener explore. "I'm a fan of the understated," says Shackleton. "In a time where lyrics are spoon fed to the listener, I try to write with an intended slight ambiguity. The stories and ideas are there, you just need to look around a little bit. I also find this gives the audience a little room to move… different interpretations. Just because I didn't put them in there myself, doesn't mean they aren't there."

The future looks very bright for Order of the Day, as they continue to work hard at every aspect of the band, taking pride in being the total package. With solid songwriting, an airtight and energetic live show, deep Internet presence, and a band image and philosophy that knows where it's going, Order of the Day are ready to take the world by storm. First order of business? Just take a listen.