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DayOrder Army

Welcome to the DayOrder Army Information Page

What is the DayOrder Army?
The DayOrder Army is a group of dedicated and motivated fans that are helping Order of the Day pursue their musical ambitions, by exposing the band to friends and fellow music listeners everywhere. Members use promotional materials like CD Samplers, Stickers, Flyers and Posters to introduce Order of the Day to people just like themselves. The easiest and often most powerful assistance the DayOrder Army provides is by spreading the word Online about the band through bulletinboard postings, online contest voting, mp3 sharing, emails, and radio station requests.

What do I have to do as part of the DayOrder Army?
Through the DayOrder Online Newsletter and other email contact, we will keep you posted regarding upcoming promotional plans for the band. Whether it's an Internet blitz, or advertising for performances, DayOrder Army members will be given all kinds of opportunities to help the band. With materials provided by Order of the Day, we hope you'll help us create some hype about this band. This is an opportunity to get involved early and be a part of the success.

Where are some good places to give away promo materials?
Since you know your hometown better than anyone else, give materials away at places where people just like yourself hang out. Meet music fans after concerts outside the club or arena. College Campuses are filled with music fans that love to find "the next big thing" before anyone else. It's also where you'll find the all-important COLLEGE RADIO STATIONS. Tell your friends at High School about this new band you've discovered. Shopping malls are jam-packed with people who may take an interest in new music. Plus, the promo material makes a great ice-breaker to talk to new people. Or just hang Flyers on Telephone Poles, Corkboards, Message Boards, Lockers, etc.

What's in it for me?
All active members of the DayOrder Army will be heavily rewarded for their dedication and participation. Your membership laminate entitles you to reduced ticket prices to all headlining shows. You'll also receive exclusive opportunities to preview new music from the band, and get the inside scoop on upcoming plans and events. will be running contests for DayOrder Army members year-round to win concert tickets, autographed CD's and other merchandise. Plus, password access to the DayOrder Army section of the messageboard will give you a chance to get in touch with others who share your exceptional taste in music!

Is there a web-only Team?
The DayOrder Army will be hitting all kinds of different promotional opportunities, including the Internet. Members will receive information on specific web targets for things like On-line voting in band contests, etc. Members are also encouraged to create their own on-line promotion plan. You can do this by posting about the band in chat rooms, sending MP3's of the band's music or links to the site to your friends via email, and by visiting music sites, sports & gaming sites, and your other favourite sites and posting about the band. Make people aware of so they can download the music and learn more about the band, and maybe even become new members of the DayOrder Army!

Do I have to keep in touch?
Any and all feedback is strongly encouraged. We love to hear from you, so let us know your opinion. What promos worked, what didn't, what should we try next? Plus, the greater your participation, the greater the potential rewards from the band, and we can't know what you've done unless you tell us. (It also stops us from repeating ourselves.) Post it on the DayOrder Army messageboard under "participation".

Where can I get the latest information about the DayOrder Army?
The DayOrder Army Members page will be consistently updated with the newest information. You'll also get email keeping you up to date. Remember, you email address will NEVER be sold to anyone!

How do I join and what will I get when I do?
Simply enter your email address in one of the many registration points throughout the website. Once we receive your email address, you'll be asked for your mailing address. Like your email, your home address will NEVER be sold to anyone. We only want it so we can mail you your FREE STUFF including your membership laminate.

How do I ask a question that isn't covered here?
Email us at

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for your support!